Objectives/Learning Outcomes:

Students enrolled in this program will develop an understanding of seated meditation, walking meditation and exercising meditation as is set forth within the Dō Meditation curriculum.

Upon completion of each level of this program, students will have a working knowledge of the material contained within it, to the extent that they will be able to teach other students the material.  In addition, they will receive certification to teach Dō Meditation up to and including that level and therefore will in turn be able to award rank up to that level.

Course Materials:

Required Reading

Each level has required reading.  This reading material is broken down into short chapters and can either be viewed online, within the level, or downloaded as a pdf file which can be turned into a level “textbook”.

Online Videos

Each level has several corresponding online videos.  Most of the videos are meant to provide a visual reference for the material contained within the required reading.  However, some of them do contain additional material or expand upon the information contained within the required reading.

Level Workbook

Each level contains a corresponding workbook.  The workbooks are downloadable PDF forms.  In other words, they are fill in the blank documents.  They each have two sections, one with numerous questions pertaining to the required reading, online videos and personal experience.  The other section is a log for the student’s practice.  Upon completion, the PDF file must be submitted (emailed) as part of the course requirements.  These workbooks are not graded per se, but will be corrected and returned to the student prior to the administering of the level’s final written exam.

Level Written Exams

Each level ends with a written exam.  These exams are similar to the level workbooks in that they are PDF forms and they must be submitted (emailed) upon completion.  The written exams are however graded and students must receive a passing grade of an 80 or higher in order to successfully complete the corresponding level.  The exams are composed of true/false, fill in the blank and short answer questions.  In addition, several exams contain essay questions.  All the questions can be answered through the study of the required reading, online videos and personal experience.

Course Mechanics:

This program is divided into five levels.  Each level is in turn divided into several learning sections.  Every section contains required reading material and online videos which can be used to complete the level’s workbook and final exam.

There is no maximum time limit on how long a student has to complete a level, however due to the personal experience section of a level’s workbook, there is a minimum time requirement (see workbook for level’s requirements).

Level 1 has no prerequisites, but the remaining levels must to taken sequentially.  In other words, a student must have successfully completed level 1-3 before enrolling in level 4.

Once enrolled in a level, the level password will be emailed to the enrolled student, allowing him/her access to the corresponding section of the web page.  This in turn will provide access to the required reading, links to the online videos, the level’s workbook and the level’s final exam.

Course Outline:

Below is a general overview of the entire Dō Meditation Online Instructor Certification Program.  Once enrolled, a student will have access to a more specific outline for the corresponding level.

Level 1 – “Opening the Door” Meditations

Section 1 – General Overview
Section 2 – Salutation
Section 3 – Seated Meditation
Section 4 – Walking Meditation
Section 5 – Exercising Meditation
Section 6 – Structure of a Meditation Session

Level 2 – The Eight Trigram Meditations

Section 1 – General Overview
Section 2 – Fire Meditation
Section 3 – Water Meditation
Section 4 – Heaven Meditation
Section 5 – Earth Meditation
Section 6 – Lake Meditation
Section 7 – Mountain Meditation
Section 8 – Thunder Meditation
Section 9 – Wind Meditation
Section 10 – Advanced Practice

Level 3 – The Five Element Meditations

Section 1 – General Overview
Section 2 – Wood Meditation
Section 3 – Fire Meditation
Section 4 – Earth Meditation
Section 5 – Metal Meditation
Section 6 – Water Meditation
Section 7 – Advanced Practice

Level 4 – The Basic Energy Meditations

Section 1 – General Overview
Section 2 – Yin (Um) Meditation
Section 3 – Yang Meditation
Section 4 – Advanced Practice

Level 5 – “Closing the Door” Meditation

Section 1 – General Overview
Section 2 – “Closing the Door” Meditation
Section 3 – “Putting it all together.”

Grading Policy:

A grade of an 80 or higher on a level’s final exam is required to pass the level contained within the Dō Meditation Online Instructor Certification Program.  Any student receiving a grade less than an 80 must repeat that level.  Receiving less than an 80 two times on a level’s final exam results in a dismissal from the program. Dismissed students that have successfully completed other levels will not lose those certifications, but they will not be allowed to continue forward within the Dō Meditation curriculum.