Dō Meditation 道禪

Free for a Limited Time!

The Dō Meditation Instructor Certification program is free for a limited time, due to the fact that it is in the “Beta” stage.  By enrolling in this program now, you will not only earn an internationally recognized Dō Meditation Instructor Certification, you will save hundreds of dollars and help us improve our program so that one day it can move out of the “Beta” stage.

Now Online!

The Dō Meditation Instructor Certification Program is now online.  Currently only Level 1 is available.  Level 2 is scheduled to be online sometime this summer with the remaining levels being available in 6 month blocks.

Level 1

Level 1 – Opening the Door Meditation is an introduction to Dō Meditation. This meditation is only intended to be practiced for a short period of time. It is a means for a Dō Meditation practitioner to learn the ins and outs of Dō Meditation, prior to undertaking the more advanced meditations.  The breath counting meditation is introduced at this level. This meditation is a simple way for the practitioner to begin to be able to focus the mind.

Level 1 – “Opening the Door” Meditations

Section 1 – General Overview
Section 2 – Salutation
Section 3 – Seated Meditation
Section 4 – Walking Meditation
Section 5 – Exercising Meditation
Section 6 – Structure of a Meditation Session

Level 2

Level 2 – The Eight Trigram Meditations comprise the first non-introductory level of Dō Meditation. These meditations start to slowly reign in the random thoughts of the practitioner’s mind.   The elemental manifestations of the eight trigrams are used as focal points for these meditations.  This level also introduces more advanced and strenuous exercising meditations that aid in directing the mind’s focus.

Level 2 – The Eight Trigram Meditations

Section 1 – General Overview
Section 2 – Fire Meditation
Section 3 – Water Meditation
Section 4 – Heaven Meditation
Section 5 – Earth Meditation
Section 6 – Lake Meditation
Section 7 – Mountain Meditation
Section 8 – Thunder Meditation
Section 9 – Wind Meditation
Section 10 – Advanced Practice

Level 3

Level 3 – The Five Element Meditations are based on the elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  In each of these meditations, the mind is focused on a different colored breath.  While the Eight Trigram Meditations are primarily concerned with focusing the mind on one concept, the Five Element Meditations help tonify or cleanse various organs and promote positive emotions.  Because the breath is a somewhat obscure concept, these meditations tend to take much longer than the Eight Trigram Meditations to master.

Level 3 – The Five Element Meditations

Section 1 – General Overview
Section 2 – Wood Meditation
Section 3 – Fire Meditation
Section 4 – Earth Meditation
Section 5 – Metal Meditation
Section 6 – Water Meditation
Section 7 – Advanced Practice