Master Sean Pearson

About the Instructor…

Sean Pearson began his study of meditation in the early 80’s as part of this martial art training.  Due to the considerable influence both Taoism and Buddhism had on the martial arts he studied, by default he originally practiced meditations contain within these religions. Over time, he quickly came to the realization that even though what he was learning in these meditations would greatly benefit his martial art students, the religious aspects would be prohibitive. Thus began his quest of a meditation system that was void of any aspect of religion but would still offer the practitioners the same benefits as what he had studied.

After years of enrolling in and studying every form of meditation that even slightly resembled that which he was searching for with no avail, he decided to approach his quest from a completely different angle. Instead of looking at meditation systems that were self-contained, standalone practices, he started to dig deeper into the meditation systems contained within traditional martial arts. The problem was that most martial art schools in America at the time had already started solely focusing their teachings on the physical aspects of the martial arts they instructed and had completely abandoned the mental aspects and therefore meditation. That was exactly why he did not initially start his search there.

Mr. Pearson started interviewing the older martial art grandmasters in hopes of finding some form of meditation that met his criteria. What he found was a very large number of individuals that were very eager to share their knowledge in the hope that it would not be lost. These forms of meditation were exactly what he was looking for and like Mr. Pearson, they believed that meditation would offer martial art students considerable benefit. However, they had all become disillusioned over the years due to a lack of excitement in their students and a downright sense of opposition to studying meditation that they expressed. Mr. Pearson wanted to find out why, so he approached several senior students of these instructors that had actually been around when meditation had been taught within their martial arts and he quickly identified the problem. The reason for the opposition was obvious; the students had no sense of accomplishment (making progress) or achieving anything that was benefiting them. In essence, they were bored and felt like they were simply wasting time. Mr. Pearson sympathized with them all because he had experienced exactly the same feelings when he first started meditating: long hours of starring at a wall with no sense of progress or gain.

At that point Mr. Pearson had started to give up. He had found several forms of non-religious meditation and no matter how many times he told his students of their benefits, they always dreaded the very mention of them. When he would push the issue and force them all to meditate, a good number of them would simply quit. That all changed on a hot day in the middle of July, 1994 when he attended a 7 day martial art seminar in Northern Vermont. He had participated in the program previously and had even studied with the instructor at other events, but he had never had the chance to talk one-on-one with this grandmaster up until that day. The grandmaster’s English was very broken but with the help of a translator he started telling Mr. Pearson about a longtime friend of his that used visual/auditory stimuli during meditation to help students progress at a much greater rate. He said the students that practiced this augmented form of meditation loved it and very few stopped practicing after they started. Mr. Pearson was ecstatic and desperately wanted to meet this meditation instructor immediately. The problem was that he had passed away. The good news was that there were still groups of people that practiced this stimuli enhanced meditation and there were even some short articles written on how this stimuli affected those that practiced meditation. Mr. Pearson joined up with one of these groups immediately.

He very quickly realized to his chagrin that what he was practicing did not meet his non-religious requirements for meditation, even though the group claimed it was not a religion, but he realized that the use of stimuli was exactly what was needed within martial arts meditation. At that point, he took all the various systems of meditation he had learned from the numerous grandmasters and eliminated the duplicates and the inferior ones. He then organize them into a cohesive system that a student could study that would by its nature offer a sense of achievement as the student progressed and then added visual, auditory and olfactory stimuli to help remove the intrinsic boredom found within meditation. The culmination of this work was the system of meditation now known as Dō Meditation.

Mr. Pearson started teaching his new Dō Meditation in the mid 90’s and quickly discovered through observing his students that Dō Meditation was one of the most efficient forms of meditation.  In other words, his students received the most benefit with the least amount of work.  In today’s society efficiency is extremely important because most people do not have the luxury of being able to devote hours to meditation each day.  Dō Meditation practitioners gain the same benefits as if they studied any other form of meditation with only a fractional time commitment.

In addition to his extensive study of meditation, Mr. Pearson in an effort to become a truly well-rounded martial artist has studied a wide variety of martial arts: Taekwondo, Kali, Kyudo, Iaido, Aikido, Judo, Jodo, Bando, Hapkido, Wing Chun and Tai Chi. He holds black belt rankings in six of these arts and master ranks in three of them. He has also studied and achieved national recognition as a wilderness survival instructor, a certified hypnotherapist, and a lecturer in Neuro Linguistic Psychology.

His work in many of these areas has been recorded by national and international media and he continually strives to make both the physical and mental practice of martial arts part of his daily life and that of his students.

Mr. Pearson currently lives in Las Vegas, NV with his wife and in addition to teaching martial arts and meditation he teaches online statistics classes for St. John Fisher College in Rochester, New York.


How to Contact him…

Once a student has enrolled in the Dō Meditation Online Instructor Certification Program they will have direct access to the instructor via his email.  He normally replies to emails within a day of receiving them.  If needed, a phone conversation or even a video conversation can be scheduled during the week at an agreed upon time.